We are an indigenous, automotive service company with a mission to provide the most reliable and excellent car services. Our story arose from taking notes of the large numbers of aging vehicles on the roads in Juba, coupled with a sharp increase in motor vehicle registration as well as the notable rise in disposable income story for a sizable section of the population. Our reliable car service center is located in Juba and we hope to expand to other regions of the country

We provide a convenient and comfortable automotive experience in the heart of Juba. We take each client’s needs serious and strive to provide excellent service from start to finish, in an effort to nurture life-long customer relationships. We have procured the best globally recognized tire and battery brands in which to service your vehicle. We offer a host of services including; oil and filter changes, alignments, brake repair, engine diagnostics and coolant flushes. 

Our latest tire machines allow us to perform changes, mounting & balancing, rotation. We also can complete tune-ups as well as car wash and detailing.

To make your visit more comfortable and productive, our large waiting area is equipped with televisions. Feeling a little hungry? No problem! We also have a small tea and refreshment shop to serve your needs.


Enjoy the professional touch of our well-trained mechanics with experience in operating the most advanced vehicle detailing machines available in the fast-changing world of auto repair technology.


We provide a one-stop, drive-through service that is both a quick and enjoyable experience for our customers. We also use window stickers to help remind you of service records and when to get your next oil change.


At Excellent Auto Workshop Services®, we offer the best prices in the market. We also offer promotions and coupons for a number of services. Such savings are sure to help your wallet.

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